Baneasa Quarter in 1930’s

Baneasa Quarter Photo by Willy Pragher
Baneasa Quarter Photo by Willy Pragher

In 1937, the German photographer Willy Pragher spent some time discovering the suburbs of Bucharest. It’s amazing how Baneasa area looked like less than a hundred years ago, with those thatched roof small houses made of clay. Nowdays, you’ll discover a modern quarter, with lovely villas or four-storey block of flats, close to Baneasa Airport.

From ‪#‎Bucharest‬, with love!

2 Replies to “Baneasa Quarter in 1930’s”

  1. My mum was born and brought up in Baneasa (Vatra Noua) in 1945. Apparently cabs wouldn’t even want to travel there so going home after a party was always an ‘adventure’ for her 🙂 Personally, I loved going there to visit … it was peaceful, different, and closest I ever had to a rural place to visit in good traveling distance. I would like to see some recent pictures of the place since I haven’t been back home (Romania) in a long time. Thank you 🙂

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    1. 🙂 Dear Andreea, I am really glad that my post brought up to surface such sweet memories. I think you’re be astonished to see the present appearance of this quarter. If you’ll drop me a line with the name of street your mother lived on I can go there and take some pictures for you. Warm regards! Ana


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