Tips for the weekend: Bucharest’s cultural agenda

Cultural events in Bucharest
Cultural events in Bucharest

Weekend is almost here, the forecast promises a beautiful summer weather, so what shall we do to make the most of our days off? If you’re not plannig to leave the city, Bucharest’s cultural agenda for the next two days is full of amazing outdoor activities.

Street delivery Bucharest 2015, an urban festival celebrating its 10th edition, bans the cars from Arthur Verona Street so that you can take part in various artistic, social and civic activities. This year’s edition includes, for the first time, a sports event unique in Bucharest, International Bike Polo Tournament that will take place in George Enescu Square.

If you’re passionate about history, ARCEN’s cultural night tours aree the perfect choice. During this two-hours pedestrian tour, the stories of the oldest boulevard in Bucharest will unfold under the magic touch of the young guides eager to revive the Golden Age of the city.

Least, but not last the renowed Peasant Museum will host open air movie projections in its inner yard for those willing to attend Nomad International Film Festival.

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