The lost history of Primaverii Quarter

Primaverii Quarter, in the 1930's
Primaverii Quarter, in the 1930’s

Bucharest is anything but a city easy to discover. Its history is not written in the walls of the buildings, nor on the boulevards we pass by daily. Bucharest’s stories are hidden on tiny greenish yards, or in the walls behind the fences, and sometimes you can find them only on dusty books or in the memories of those who witnessed the former glory of the city.

Today I want to tell a little story about Primaverii quarter, a neighbourhood I used to think of only in terms of its communist past. To do justice to Primaverii means to revive its previous life, from the beautiful Bordei Garden, owned by the cup-bearer Constantin Hrisoscoleu to Jianu Park and furthermore to Jianu Quarter.
In 1930’s, Jianu Park (a part of Bordei Garden) was cut into small parcels of land and given to those who worked at the Bucharest’s Gas and Electricity Plant, to built one-storey houses. The WWII put a stop to the quarter’s development, its inhabitants living there without running water or electricity.
The present Primaverii Quarter took shape during the 1950’s, when the communist regime imported the Soviet model of having an exclusive neighbourhood for all the communist dignitaries.

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