Travelers’ reviews

Speaking about myself is one of the most challenging things I have to do, therefore I prefer to let others to do it on my behalf ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cristy Baldwin, traveler from USA

My family and I loved meeting Ana and having her show us Bucharest. Itโ€™s an amazing, beautiful city and I cannot wait to tell others to call on Ana. Thanks for making our vacation super memorable!

  • Anda-Olivia Marin, from Bucharest

Ana is a great storyteller and a wonderful tourist guide. You can learn new things about Bucharest even if you are a localย ย Great experience!

  • Irina Schvab, travel agent from Bucharest

Ana is great!ย 
We had 2 special guests from Ireland, one of them a wheelchair user and we had the pleasure to work with Ana. She was very kind, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and above all, she was very dedicated. I felt like this is not a job but a passion.
Definitely we are going to work with Ana in the future, as we also started a beautiful friendship.

  • Miri Grenman, tour guide from Israel

Unusual level of knowledge
Anna is an excellent instructor
I had the honor of working with her several times

  • Douglas Galloway, traveler from USA

Thank you Ana for a wonderful guided tour of Beautiful Bucharest. We were charmed Romania and eagerly await another visit. Rick Steves was certainly correct in recommending you.

  • Carmen Taechasirithavorn, Romanian living abroad

What a wonderful day we’ve had discovering the charming Bucharest and talking history. Can’t recommend Anna enough! Looking forward to seeing her again on our next visit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christina Wellhouser, traveler from USA

Anna is not only very knowledgable about the sights and castles but is very friendly and eager to answer questions! I took a tour alone and she made it so comfortable and fun. It was a great day seeing Pelsior, Bran and Brasov! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alina Voicu, Romanian living abroad

Ana is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and extremely gracious! She obviously loves Bucharest and is very enthusiastic about sharing the beauty of the city with her customers. We enjoyed our tour tremendously!

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