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As a journalist, I wrote thousands of articles about people and events that marked our lives, one way or another. Not even for a second I thought that, at some point in my life, I will be the one people would write about.

Yvette Larsson, founder of The Bucharest Lounge, put a spotlight on me when she invited me to give her an interview about my beloved Bucharest. It was a quite a challenge to be on the other side of the fence, after a decade of interviewing people.

Interview with Ana Adamoae from Ana’s Tours to Bucharest: ‘Bucharest is a survivor, she should be protected’

This interview was the icebreaker and everything fell into place the other times I had to speak with a former colleague from Romanian media outlets. Sadly, these articles were published only in Romanian.

VIDEO/ Provocarea de a fi ghid pentru straini prin Bucuresti. ”Ei cred ca Romania nu face parte din Europa”

However, for the English readers I translated my interview published in the Romanian daily newspaper Libertatea and you can read it following the link below.

VIDEO. The challenge of being a tour guide in Bucharest

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